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A Legacy of Power

Categories: Bible,Church,Events,Podcast,Sermons

I recently read an article written by a missionary to Africa who shared the story of an elderly woman who was reached with the gospel. Though she was blind and could neither read nor write, she wanted to share her new found faith with others. One day she pulled the missionary aside after the service with an unusual request, she asked for a copy of the Bible in French. When she got it, she asked the missionary to underline John 3:16 in red and mark the page it was on so she could find it. This piqued the curiosity of the missionary as he knew she was both illiterate and blind so one day he followed her.

That afternoon, just before school let out, she positioned herself near the front gate. As the boys came out when school was dismissed, she would stop one and ask if he knew how to read French. When he said “Yes” she would ask him to read the verse that was marked in red. Then she would ask, “Do you know what this means?” and then proceed to tell him about Christ.

Believe it or not, this elderly soul was responsible for s striking number of conversions, and of those who were reached by this simple servant twenty-four of the boys became ministers.

The last few Sundays we’ve been talking about leaving a legacy, any worthy legacy will have an influence on others. Sometimes the smallest of actions lead to the deepest of commitments.

Author: Jason Corder