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A Legendary Character

Categories: Church,Events,Podcast,Sermons


Here’s a rather useless fact that I find rather interesting. When we write letters we commonly end them with the words “Yours sincerely”. Have you ever wondered why we do this? The practice has its origins in ancient Rome. Roman sculptors often concealed cracks in apparently flawless marble statues with melted beeswax. When the wax dried and crumbled, the angry purchaser sought compensation. Reputable sculptors guaranteed their work as sine sera, which means ‘without wax’. Hence ‘Yours sincerely’. Likewise, we are called to be people of integrity whose life and conduct is true.

   We all want to think that we are people of character but take a second and be honest with yourself. If you were an employer trying to hire an efficient, honest, and competent employee, would you hire yourself? at your salary? If you had to live with someone just like yourself for the rest of your life, would you look forward to it as a wonderful opportunity and privilege? That list of questions might be endless but it all boils down to this, are we people who are living a Legacy of Character? Like so much that choice is firmly in our hands!

Author: Jason Corder