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A Simple Gospel

Categories: Bible,Church,Events,Podcast,Sermons

Deep in the heart of the Virginia mountains stands an ancient gray stone church. In the quiet acre alongside, close to the wall of the church, as if craving in death the fellowship of God’s house which they enjoyed in life, sleep the pioneer forefathers who conquered that wilderness with a rifle, ax, and psalm book. In a stone over the portal of the church are cut these words: “This church was built by God-fearing inhabitants of this place as a token of their love for the holy gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.”That simple statement has served to inspire countless persons to pursue and genuine walk with Christ. Over the past several weeks we’ve been taking a look at how the Bible challenges us to pursue that same walk in our own lives.  We considered how the scripture can shape our attitudes toward our time, relationships, money, free time, work and health.  This week as we bring this series to a close we will discover that in reality the gospel isn’t supposed to be complicated either.  Jesus was able to consolidate into a few simple concepts a lifestyle that will take us the rest of our lives to live up to.  It’s true that living for God isn’t always “simple” but the philosophy behind that call is very straightforward.

Author: Jason Corder