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Imagine what the game of bowling would be like if you couldn’t see the pins you were trying to hit. In 1933, Bill Knox did just that, and bowled a perfect game. In Philadelphia’s Olney Alleys, Bill had a screen placed just above the fowl line to obscure his view of the lane. His purpose was to demonstrate the technique of spot bowling, which involves throwing the ball at a selected floor mark on the near end of the lane. Like many bowlers, Bill knew that you can do better if you aim at a mark close to you that’s in line with the pins. He proved his point with a perfect 300 game of 12 strikes in a row.

If you think about it your aim has a tremendous impact upon the way you live your life. Your primary focus has an affect on what you do, on the investments you make, the places you go, and the risks we accept. No matter how clear our vision is of the goal, if our aim is off we will never hit the intended target. While this is true for some many aspects of life few come with a higher consequence than with our families.

This Sunday we launch into a new series of lessons examining the foundations of family, and what we can do to make certain that the life we’re building will end in the legacy we desire.


Author: Jason Corder