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Camp Sonrise Rules 2017

Camp Sonrise Rules

Camp Rules !!

At Camp our rules are based on this principle:

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’ The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself. There is no commandment greater than these.’“ – Matthew

This means that:

  • All Campers must attend camp activities unless excused by the Camp Nurse.
  • All Campers should be quiet and respectful during classes and Chapel.
  • All Campers and Staff will treat others with respect!!
  • All clothing must be modest (see “Things to Bring” section for details)
  • No Camper may leave the campground without permission from Camp Manager.
  • No Flinging the “WOO”. (NO pairing off, or making out, or etc. Leave an air space!)
  • If your camper drives their vehicle, it is to be parked and is to remain parked until the end of camp.
  • For safety please stay out of the Kitchen.
  • The lifeguards are in the pool for your safety. Respect and follow their directions.
  • All Campers shall stay in lighted areas.

Camp Sunrise has a zero tolerance policy for boys and girls sneaking out or into the cabin area of the opposite sex for pranks and any other reasons. If a Camper is caught in the clearly defined off limits areas, they will be sent home immediately!

All Campers should leave their cell phones at home. Camp is a time to get away from the busy nature of life, and spend time with God. In the last couple years cell phones have contributed to several issues that have had a damaging effect on the week of Camp. Campers caught with cell phones may be asked to go home. ALL CAMPERS, AND PARENTS AT HOME, WILL HAVE ACCESS TO PHONES AND PHONE NUMBERS TO COMMUNICATE WITH THIER FAMILIES WHEN NEEDED!

Things to Bring.

1. Your Bible and notebook.

2. Any medications needed (please list these in the enrollment form and have you student check these in when they register at camp)

3. Modest Clothing suitable for outdoor activities.

(We ask that all shorts be to the knee and that shirts and tops are modest, fully covering the student, and that no clothing with objectionable content be worn!)

4. Swim Gear
5. Shoes for games and outdoor activities.
6. Personal items (items such as toothbrush, soap, hair care, etc…)
7. Ball glove and gear (optional)
8. Bug Spray
9. Bedding and Pillow
10. Towels and wash rags
11. Flashlight
12. Sunscreen
13. Water bottle (optional)


Directions To Camp Grounds

We would love to have you come out and visit during camp! Here are the directions to get to the CYE campground from Crowley LA.

Merge onto I-10 W – 16.5 Miles
Take the LA-26 exit, EXIT 64, toward JENNINGS/ ELTON. Turn RIGHT onto LA-26 N.— 64.2 miles
Turn RIGHT onto US-171 N/ US-190 W.—1.4 miles Turn RIGHT onto LA-112.

Watch for the Signs which Say CYE to the left!

If you need more help please call the office at (337) 783-0506.

Contact Information

For More information:
Call Office: (337) 783-0506
Jason: (337) 581-9230