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A Far Country

In the play You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown, Charlie Brown laments lunchtime: “I think lunchtime is about the worst time of the day for me. Always having to sit…

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Aware of his Schemes – Doubt

The law of the pendulum is simple and well known: A pendulum can never return to a point higher than the point from which it was released. Because of friction…

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The End Is Only The Beginning

I love books, and while my collection is widely varying all the books have one thing in common. The end is set before we begin start reading them. The outcome…

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Peace and Rest

We often equate rest and peace with our surroundings or situation, however, true rest and peace come from a mind that is focused on and at peace with God. Even in the midst of the most dreadful and frightening circumstances, we can remain at rest in our minds. Jesus gave us the secrets, it’s just up to us to trust and obey.

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