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Persecution and the Gospel

The book of Acts opens with the truly amazing account of the exciting expansion of the New Testament Church. However in Chapter five the story begins to change in a way that quickly captures the readers attention. In the beginning the Church enjoyed a session of favor and acceptance, then persecution began to break out that scattered the Church and cost the lives of many.

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As It Is In Heaven…

Most of us are guilty of hearing far more than we do. We know what we ought to do but fail to execute on the knowledge we possess. As one…

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Fight For Your Family

The warning is clear in the word of God. Our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but it is against a spiritual force in heavenly realms. If we look for it, it’s not hard to spot misleading themes and small suggestions targeted at our thoughts many that we accept as truth.

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To Thrive As Exiles We Need Wisdom

Our life can end up having a big impact when the sum of our choices is added together. It is important that we seek God’s wisdom for every decision we make, regardless of how small it seems to us. When we add to our wisdom and understanding, it too grows larger and stronger possibly changing not only the course of our life, but the lives of others as well!

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