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Go into all the world.

There is a story of determination that has inspired me for a long time. One stormy night, Hudson Taylor was scheduled to speak in Birmingham, England, at the Severn Street schoolroom. His hostess attempted to dissuade him from going in the torrential downpour by telling him that everyone would assume it was canceled. “But was…

Test the Spirits!

John opens 1 John the 4thchapter with thee words;”Beloved, do not believe every spirit but test the spirits.” in effect John is reminding us of something we all know, that you can’t believe everything you hear.   Certainly today this is as true as it was then, we can’t take for a fact everything that…

Forest Park Texas Flood Relief

Because of the overwhelming needs of our friends to the west, we are launching a stuff a truck campaign for the Texas flood victims. We will be collecting cleaning supplies to be delivered directly to those working to clean up their homes in the Orange area this Saturday.The items that have been requested are things like: mops,…

Forest Park Flood Relief Efforts

Forest Park Family, as we watch the situation unfold in east Texas we all are wondering what and when we’ll be able to help.. I’ve been in contact with several of the East Texas Churches and from their descriptions the situation is dire and the needs will be real in the following weeks and for…

Mission Support makes a difference!

Sitting high above the banana fields and cropland of central Dominican Republic is the little Haitian settlement of Jaun Gomez.  We have visited this village every year for almost 10 years.  This was once one of the most difficult stops to make.  It is desolate, dirty, and way below what we would call the level of poverty. …