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We seek to offer Biblically based, Christ centered, pastoral counsel. Forest Park pastors will meet with individuals a maximum of 2 times, depending on the issue for which individuals are seeking spiritual counsel.

It is important that anyone seeking pastoral counsel and advice understands that the Holy Spirit, not the pastor, is the agent of individual change-provided one cooperates with Him. Our goal is to present God’s plan for personal change in the midst of one’s circumstances by utilizing helping skills, prayer, Scripture, and spiritual/Biblical principles.

Referral options to outside professional providers will be given when our pastors feel that issues are beyond their comfort and/or ability level.

Homework: Be advised that your pastor will likely assign homework. Homework is a
vital part of the change process; therefore, agreement to complete, and the actual completion of the homework assignments, is required before a second session will be scheduled.

What is expected of you? It is our belief that change must begin with ourselves as we look to Jesus for the power to change (Ephesians 1:18-20). Therefore, we ask you to consider a session with one of our pastors an opportunity for personal change and spiritual growth. We ask that you refrain from the temptation of focusing on others, and instead we ask you to focus on what changes God desires to make in your life, in the midst of your circumstances.

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