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Dealing with Discouragement

Categories: Bible,Events,Podcast,Sermons

It was undoubtedly one of the most discouraging times for the followers of Christ. What had started out as a brilliant adventure with prospects of changing the world had settled into division, hatred, betrayal, backstabbing and ultimately the death of an innocent man. In John 21 Peter takes action and heads back to a familiar path with the simple phrase I’m going out to fish,”.

As the sun begins to lighten the eastern sky a solitary figure advises them to cast on the other side, right in the same old place where they had caught nothing? We often feel like if we could only get off to some new place when we get discouraged, trying again would be an easier thing. If we could be somebody else, or go somewhere else, or do something else, it might not be so hard to have fresh faith and courage; but it is the same old net in the same old sea for most of us. The old temptations are to be overcome, the old faults are to be conquered, the old trials and discouragements before which we failed yesterday to be faced again today. Jesus was reminding the apostles that often success happens right where we are, and it is the Master Himself, who, after all these failures, bids us to `try again.’


Author: Jason Corder