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What is Exartidzo?

When the above verse was written, the reader would have been familiar with the simple boats that dotted the shoreline along the Mediterranean. They weren’t designed to go very far and certainly wouldn’t survive a storm at sea. They were also familiar with other boats, fully equipped with sails, rudders, and anchors. Provisioned for long-distance sailing and for surviving the worst of storms. With this in mind, the Greek word exartidzo pictures a simple boat whose owner chooses to outfit and equip that ship with gear. As a result, a once-simple boat becomes completely equipped and fully supplied, allowing it to sail through rough waters, travel long distances, and survive even the worst of storms.

We are living in a season of ever-increasing storms. Like it or not, times have become turbulent; the waves are getting higher, and it is essential that we are adequately equipped for these times. Those who are “equipped” are the ones who will successfully make it through the storms of life. This exhortation challenged the early Church to survive the storms they faced and remains an inspiration for us to do the same today.


What is our goal?

The mission of the Exartidzo project is to provide the tools and educational opportunities for Bible students to understand both the Biblical scriptures and related theological issues better as they present themselves in our world today.

Exartidzo is a collaborative effort drawing on the resources of active Kingdom workers to provide real-life tools and perspective, equipping Christian workers for the challenges ahead.  Contributors come from various backgrounds, bringing together lifetimes of experience in applying and living the word of God.

We are in the opening phases of this project and are excited to see what the future will hold as we continue to create content and bring new instructors to the team.  We would appreciate your prayers for wisdom and resources as we work to follow God’s lead in equipping a new generation of leaders for the Church today.


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