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Foundation of LOVE

Categories: Bible,Events,Family,Podcast,Sermons

Our culture seems to champion a false notion of love. Tolerance and diversity are its defining features. Meanwhile, the truth is generally held in high suspicion—if not treated with outright contempt.

For as much as the Apostle John was known for his use of the word “love,” he was equally concerned with the substance of truth. In fact, a close look at his letters reveals that John never intends for love and truth to exist separate from one another. When we consider a foundation of love we must be specific in the way we speak about how truth and love relate to each other. Contrary to popular assumptions, “Love is not the foundation for truth; the truth is the foundation for love.”  

An unyielding commitment to truth is often viewed as unloving. As a result, the truth is regularly sacrificed in the name of love. But the relationship between love and truth is essential. I Corinthians 13;6 states that Love “rejoices with the truth”. Love without truth has no character, and truth without love has no power.

When separated from one another, either virtue is nothing more than mere pretense. Love deprived of truth deteriorates into self-love. Truth separated from love breeds self-righteousness.


Author: Jason Corder