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One night a family was finishing dinner, when their eight-year-old daughter left six green beans on her plate. She normally ate her veggies, but for some reason tonight she was finished early so her mother instructed her to “Eat your green beans.”

She replied, ” I’m full to the top.”

“You won’t pop,” she responded.

“Yes, I will pop!” she said. 

“Risk it!” she said. “It will be okay.”

“Dad, I can not eat another bite.”

Her mother knew that night they were having her favorite dessert, pumpkin pie squares. So she  changed tactics and asked, “How would you like a double helping of pumpkin pie squares with two dollops of whipped cream on top?”

“That sounds great!” she responded as she pushed her plate back, ready for dessert.

“How can you have room for a double helping of pumpkin pie squares with two dollops of whipped cream, and not have room for six measly green beans?”

She stood up tall out of her chair and pointing to her belly said, “This is my vegetable stomach. This is my meat stomach. They are both full. Here is my dessert stomach. It is empty. I am ready for dessert!”

“See I could not eat another bite.”

We too often get full, but are we really choosing the right things to fill up on?  This Sunday we’ll take a look at what scripture says we need to be  filling our lives with so we grow into the type of people God likes to use.



Author: Jason Corder