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In The Hand of God

Categories: Bible,Blog,Events,Podcast,Sermons

A neighbor noticed a small boy from the house next door running around the block. He had seen the boy pass by four or five times. Knowing that the child was too small to be a jogger, he stopped him and asked, “Son, What are you doing? I have noticed you running around the block several times.”The little boy looked at the man and answered, “I am running away from home, but I can’t go very far because I am not allowed to cross the street.”

In Exodus 19 God lays out the purpose for the Exodus to the children of Israel. This Chapter is the breaking point in the book between what God has done and what the Israelite’s were called to do. They now were free but with certain boundaries, just as we are today. God had gone to great measures to allow for his presence to be with those whom he had chosen.

During the Middle Ages, great battles took place for the control of the Holy Land. Efforts to obtain and maintain control of the area were called Crusades. When people came back to Western Europe following the campaigns they would bring so-called holy relics. Among the items was a supposed tooth of Goliath, a tip of the devil’s tail, and a bottle that held the breath of Christ. Of course, no one today takes such relics seriously. If we did have the breath of Christ in a bottle, what would it mean? Nothing! The fact is, we have the Hand of the Lord Himself upon us as His Saints. It is the presence of God in the life of his children that really makes the difference. 



Author: Jason Corder