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Lies we Believe.

Categories: Bible,Events,Podcast,Sermons

Years ago, a gentleman was traveling through South Alabama on one of those hot, sultry Alabama days. He stopped at a watermelon stand, picked out a watermelon, and asked the proprietor how much it cost. “It’s $1.10,” he replied. The traveler dug into his pocket, found only a bill and said, “All I have is a dollar.”

“That’s ok,” the proprietor said, “I’ll trust you for it.”

“Well, that’s mighty nice of you,” he responded and picking up the watermelon, started to leave.

“Hey, where are you going?” the man behind the counter demanded.

“I’m going outside to eat my watermelon.” “But you forgot to give me the dollar!”

“You said you would trust me for it,” he called back.

“Yeah, but I meant I would trust you for the dime!”

The truth is that the watermelon vendor really didn’t trust the traveler at all, he was just willing to take a ten-cent gamble on his integrity!” Although we often don’t think of it, many times we have a similar attitude toward God. We are willing to trust him with little things but we hold back the things that really matter to us. Is it because we really think we can handle them better, or because we don’t really know if we can trust God with it?

This Sunday we will begin a new series entitled “Lies We Believe.” Behind all the other lies is a foundational lie, that original seed of doubt Satan sowed in the heart of Eve. Can you trust God? We’ll take an honest look at this question and why God is indeed worthy of our trust!

Author: Jason Corder