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The Unity of the Spirt

There is in South India a story of a wealthy landowner who had some very quarrelsome sons, always jealous of one another and always at strife among them­selves. On his deathbed, he called them and divided his property among them. Then he called for some sticks to be brought, nicely tied into a bundle, and asked them one by one, beginning at the eldest, to break the bundle. So long as they were thus closely bound together, they could not break any of the sticks. Now,’ he said to the eldest, ‘untie the bundle, and try to break the sticks singly.’ This was not difficult, and soon each of the sticks, broken one by one, lay before them in two pieces.

We are in a spiritual battle and our enemy knows that if he can separate us from one another his chance of winning the battle for our country, our Churches, and our families will be greatly improved.

On the day before the Battle of Trafalgar, Lord Nelson took two of his captains who were at odds with one another to a spot where they could see the fleet that opposed them. “Yonder,” said the Admiral with a sweep of his hand, “is the enemy.” That simple phrase changed the perspective differences were set aside and the battle was won.