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The Foundation of INTEGRITY.

An American Vice President was once quoted as saying, “America’s greatest strength is not the example of our power but the power of our example.” The simple wordplay actually illustrates a profound truth that goes beyond the question of foreign policy. It’s the difference between coercion and attraction, between dragging and leading. A leader can throw the weight of their position into encouraging others to follow their direction or they can live in such a way that others naturally seek to emulate their behavior.

Past generations were characterized by individuals who said less and did more. A leadership example we need to revive. Being an example is about doing good, doing right, and doing things together to create a better future. Often these were simple leaders, yet they set an example that people understood and tried to exemplify in their own lives.

The past few Sundays we’ve been going through a series of lessons which considered the focus and Influence of our families. This Sunday we will consider the Integrity of our example and see how it sends positive or negative message to those we love and care about the most!