Love TV Day 1

Welcome to Day One of Love TV!!

This summer has been like none other with the cancellation of most summer programs for kids. For many years, the summer holiday has been an opportunity for Churches to pour into the hearts and minds of the children the powerful truths of the word of God. We wanted to create an opportunity for some of that teaching to still happen, so we formed a team of talented individuals to create an online interactive option for this challenging year.

Love TV is a virtual summer program designed to be used in homes or with neighborhood groups. Included in this email are two PDF files. The first file is the leaders guide the lays out the course of the lessons for the day and answers many of the questions that may come up. The second file is the interactive PDF where students can click on objects that will link them to the video lessons for that day. They are in the form of interviews, commercials, and game shows.

We pray that these lessons will spark further conversations with you and your students about the love of God and his gift of salvation. We’re also praying for all of you as you lead these sessions that the Lord will provide wisdom and strength.

LOVE TV_Leader’s Guide_Day 1

LOVE TV_Interactive_Day 1

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