Camp Sonrise

What is Camp Sonrise?

Camp Sonrise is a week-long adventure with God in the beauty of His creation!  The purpose of camp is to draw closer to God as well as enjoying a fun week with fellow Campers.
Upon arriving at camp the campers are divided into tribes that act like a family for the week.  You will be involved in competitions and activities together such as Bible drills, skits, swimming, football, volleyball, water games, musical activities, and much more.
Each day there is time devoted to spiritual needs as well. Classes and sermons are taught to challenge and encourage campers to reflect on their relationship with their Creator. Quiet time and small group devotions help them to form a plan to make positive changes in their lives!

What do I need for camp?

1. Your Bible and notebook.

2. Any medications needed. (Please list these in the enrollment form and have your student check these in when they register at camp.)

3. Modest Clothing suitable for outdoor activities.  This is church camp, so we ask the following:

We ask that ALL shorts be TO THE KNEE, shirts and tops are modest, FULLY covering the student, and that NO clothing with objectionable content be worn!

4. Swim Gear

5. Shoes for games and outdoor activities.

6. Personal items (items such as toothbrush, soap, hair care, etc…)

7. Ball glove and gear (optional)

8. Bug Spray and Sunscreen

9. Bedding and Pillow (Twin size Beds, Sheets, or Sleeping Bag)

10. Towels and wash rags

11. Flashlight

12. Sunscreen

13. Water bottle (optional)

What about phones?

We ask that campers leave their cell phones at home.  Camp is an opportunity to get away from the busy nature of life and spend time with God.  Please note that  ALL CAMPERS, AND PARENTS AT HOME, WILL HAVE ACCESS TO PHONES AND PHONE NUMBERS TO COMMUNICATE WITH THEIR FAMILIES WHEN NEEDED! 

For the sake of all campers, we cannot allow students with head lice to remain at camp.  We do not want to embarrass any student so PLEASE check them at home before bringing them to camp.  Thank you!!

Camp Life

Life at camp is unlike any other experience with which your child is likely familiar. While giving them a positive preview of their coming experience, let them know that life will be different and that you want them to grow from many new experiences. Please prepare them for their upcoming experience by including the following information:

* Living arrangements: Campers live with 12 fellow campers and 2 counselors. Each cabin has 8 sets of bunk beds. One of the best aspects of the camp experience is learning to adjust to group living and getting along as part of a community. Each cabin is essentially a family for a week. Help your children look forward to forming friendships within that family.

* Meals: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are enjoyed together as a community in our Dining Hall. We pick a menu full of things that students enjoy, however, some items served will be things your child may have never tried before, while other items may be things they dislike. Assure your camper that the menu is both nutritious and delicious. More importantly, remind your camper that at Camp FOOD = FUEL! The campers need to eat and drink enough to handle the rigors of the Camp Program.

* Independence: One of the major adjustments campers may experience is being independent of parents, with less contact with them during the short one-week camping session. Learning to be more independent can be one of the most positive experiences they have at Camp and one that helps them mature even during their short stay here. Be aware that you as a parent may need to prepare for this as much, if not more, than your camper!  Parents are welcome to come visit any time please check with Jason for details.

Use the red buttons below fill out the forms needed. Once you click the button it will open another page with the form. You can then fill out the form, simply by clicking on a line and typing in the correct information. In some areas you may have to select from a list, or check the correct information. Once you have the form filled out you can then print it to sign and turn in. All forms must be signed and turned in for your child to attend. A separate form is needed for each child. If you want to volunteer, you must fill out, print, sign and date the Background Check Authorization Form.

Camp Rules

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