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Forest Park has a wide variety of activities for people of all ages. Check back often to see whats new in the Forest Park lineup!

Winterfest Just around the Corner

Winterfest is a weekend retreat that’s been meeting in Gattlinburg TN for over 28 years this year. This retreat is geared toward middle and high school teens, although there is plenty to pick up for adults as well. Talented communicators from across the country come to encourage teens in their walk with God. This weekend…

Have Fun Marriage Sermon

Someone asked me the other day, “Hey Jason remember when life was fun? “  I replied ya sure do because I knew what they were after, yet in the back of my mind I was thinking it still can be.  In our world today fun has been compartmentalized into certain ages, destinations, or activities.  Kids…

Fight Fair

Some call them fights, or conflicts, disagreements, or discussions. We might all have different names, but they play a major role in the integrity of a marriage relationship. For some spouses, it’s a way of life. For others, it’s a word they refuse to entertain. We all bring different perspectives and biases to how we…

Starting a new series on marriage.

I’ve found nothing as critical to the success or failure of a family as the health of the marriage.  The healthy relationship between Mom and Dad shapes the children in their formative years, and often filters into their marriage, family, and spiritual relationships as well. The Bible is far from silent about marriage; in fact…

Jesus, Teach us to Pray…….

C.s. Lewis writes “The moment you wake up each morning, all your wishes and hopes for the day rush at you like wild animals. And the first job each morning consists in shoving it all back; in listening to that other voice, taking that other point of view, letting that other, larger, stronger, quieter life…