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Forest Park has a wide variety of activities for people of all ages. Check back often to see whats new in the Forest Park lineup!

Simple Health

In my opinion the human body is one of the greatest marvels of creation. It has been designed by God so that it is a finely tuned instrument that happens to be one of the most resilient on earth. It can endure and repair fractures and injury, constant pain, and stretches of stress.  However, it…

#5 In the Simplify Series, “WORK”.

I couldn’t help but smile when as someone was heading out the door to work they’re final words were  “I owe, I owe, so off to work I go.” For a vast portion of the workforce, that’s the best reason they can muster for going to the job each day. According to one poll, only…

#4 In the Simplify series “Free Time”

One of the most helpful things I have learned about the Christian life is that all sin begins in our thoughts, which the Bible often calls “the heart.” Jesus said, “That which proceeds out of the man, that is what defiles the man. For from within, out of the heart of men, proceed the evil…

It’s Simply Money

Believe it or not, money is the leading cause of stress and a common contributor to divorce in America. It seems if we don’t have it, we’re thinking about how we can get it. And when we do have it, many are consumed by how to keep it or build it. People really haven’t changed much in regards to…

Simplify Our Relationships

We live in a world today that is as hectic as any time in history.  Most Americans, when asked, will tell you that they are busy and seldom able to catch a spare moment to enjoy life.  We’ve been sold a thousand gadgets that are designed to save time and resources and yet we seem…

Simplify Our Schedule

This morning we stand on the threshold of a new year.  If you’re like me you ask yourself the question where did 2017 go. Whether we like it or not life pushes us along before we know it a year turns into two and two into a decade and a decade into a lifetime.  So…

Making time for the Word

We read in Luke 2:8-20 how the birth of the Lord Jesus was first announced to humanity. The birth of a king’s son is generally made an occasion of public reveling and rejoicing. However the announcement of the birth of the Prince of Peace was to be made privately, in the darkness of night, and without any of the…

#2 in the incarnation series “He is Our Peace”

For a lot of us we’ve grown up with the words of  Luke 2:14 going through our heads during the holiday season.” Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.” However, when we look at the world around us we’re tempted to ask what peace. The Society of International Law, in London, reports…

The Incarnation; God Coming to Us!

The Story is told that long ago, there ruled in Persia a wise and good king. He loved his people. He wanted to know how they lived. He wanted to know about their hardships. Often he dressed in the clothes of a working man or a beggar and went to the homes of the poor….


One night a family was finishing dinner, when their eight-year-old daughter left six green beans on her plate. She normally ate her veggies, but for some reason tonight she was finished early so her mother instructed her to “Eat your green beans.” She replied, ” I’m full to the top.” “You won’t pop,” she responded….