While the philosophers that participated in the Areopagus were primarily interested in the mental exercise of sharing new ideas this day they would be introduced to a philosophy that would change the world more than any other single philosophy in history, the message of Christ and him crucified.

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The Gospel Unchained

We may be so bound in the prison and stocks of circumstances that we cannot do anything other than pray. But being limited to prayer is not a limitation. The opposite is true, prayer is a mighty weapon to defend us in the time of trial.

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A Beautiful Mess

What made this doctrinal crisis work out as beautiful as it did was the Church’s AIM.

First, the church in Jerusalem made sure The gospel, was never compromised.
Throughout this debate, the gospel of Christ, the gift of Jesus shed for our sins, the call to repentance, was never compromised. The church understood what people—Jew or Gentile—have to do to be powerfully saved.

This could have been a moment when the gospel of salvation could have been terribly confused, and the church could have divided over doctrinal misunderstandings.
• But the church preserved what Paul would say to the Corinthians in chapter 1, when he said: If anyone pulls the cross out of the gospel in any way, shape, or form, they’re wrong.
• So the gospel of salvation was preserved in this great debate.

Second, they preserved the unity of the body of Christ.
No one walked.
• We don’t hear ourselves well in today’s society.
• We are being so in love with a customized society in which every person wants everything his or her way.
• Whether we’re talking about business and the stores we go to,
• or the clothing we buy,
• or the job we do,
• everybody demands that you do it his or her way.
• If not, they walk.

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Scheme #4 – Division.

Aesop has a fable of three bulls that fed in a field together in the greatest peace and safety. A lion had long watched them in the hope of making…

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A Storm of Conviction

So often we look to the old testament as non-relevant or simply historical, yet God wants it to be so much more. Through its pages we find stories like that…

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Back to School Sunday

From the day the students walked into the ninth-grade health class, one blackboard was covered with the names and locations of the major bones and muscles of the human body….

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A Church that is Unified

I like Math, I guess it fits better with my personality type, it has concrete rational participles that can be tested. In short, it has rules. Contrasted to grammar, which…

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