God Meant it For Good!

However as Joseph speaks further we encounter the two MOST in important words of the text “But God.” Whenever you come across “but God” in Scripture, pay attention. What comes next will usually change the entire situation.

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Shattered Dreams

we are on a journey with Joseph from the pit of slavery to the pinnacle of power. Along the way we witness how to resist the allure of temptation, to trust God during dark days, to forgive others when they hurt you, and to leave a legacy of grace. You’ll come to see that in spite of life’s ups and downs, God uses all things to guide you and shape you into His perfect will.

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Sidetracks aren’t necessarily bad but can be perplexing and frustrating. Sometimes a shipwreck crashes your plans or dreams on the rocks, and all you can do is pick up the pieces. Shipwrecks are painful and scary, and you wonder, “Okay God, what now?”

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