Follow the WAY.

It’s not our responsibility to change our culture. Only the power of God through the gospel can do that! Our job is to help people know Christ, through the content of our life and the substance of our conversations. It is Christ that frees us from the penalty of our sin. He will change society as hearts are changed within its members.

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When we read the stories in the Bible we often fail to recognize just how strange some of them are. We would never use those people, or that situation, or that approach, but God does and will again.

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To Thrive As Exiles We Need Wisdom

Our life can end up having a big impact when the sum of our choices is added together. It is important that we seek God’s wisdom for every decision we make, regardless of how small it seems to us. When we add to our wisdom and understanding, it too grows larger and stronger possibly changing not only the course of our life, but the lives of others as well!

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