Some Things Never Change

“Wilsooooonn”… If you’ve ever found yourself in a conversation and someone belted out that word, you probably knew exactly what they were referring to. I had only watched parts of the movie Cast Away until just recently when I was finally able to see enough of the movie to understand why a man would ever talk to a volleyball as though it was a person.

The movie tracks a dedicated Fed-Ex worker named Chuck, who’s job consumes a large portion of his life. Called upon by the large corporation while at a family gathering during the holidays, Chuck gets on a plane with no reason to believe the family get together isn’t the only thing he’s leaving behind. When the plane goes down somewhere in the ocean and Chuck washes up on the shore line of an island, he’s faced with the harsh reality that life the way he once knew it is slipping quickly out of his reach. 

Accustomed to the way life was as he knew it, Chuck struggles to survive. As his hope starts fade, his reason to keep going grows dimmer as each day goes on. But Chuck keeps fighting, and finds ways to cope (one of them being to talk to a volleyball). After finding the volleyball in a Fed-Ex package that washed up on shore, Chuck turns it into his friend on the island. In the most devastating and challenging event of Chuck’s life, he found a way to cope and move forward. 

This year has been unlike other years in our recent past. It’s brought challenges and surprises that we would all agree no one saw coming. 

How have you coped with it? I’m guessing you didn’t draw a face on a volleyball and start having conversations with it, but I’d be willing to bet you’ve had your own personal response to what’s happened this year. The truth is, the volleyball will never talk back. One day the volleyball may even float away. Our hope then, needs to be in something more secure; Something, that will never change. 


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