6 Convictions every Church needs.

I was reading an article entitled, “30 Survival Skills Modern People Have forgotten”. It mentioned such things as, hand washing clothes, navigating without a GPS, building a fire, preserving food, tying knots, sewing, cooking from scratch, and several more.

I believe the church is losing basic survival skills as well. Often we seek to follow the Big Church Model, thinking that there is a certain formula for church growth. And yet the Bible makes it simple. If we believe the basic truths listed there, the church will grow. There are several, but I am talking about 6.

1. It’s all about God. When Zerubbabel was rebuilding the temple he was told, “Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the Lord of hosts.”

2. Nothing is more important than the church. Jesus “invented” it, it belongs to him, he loves it, and it is the only thing on this earth that will last forever.

3. The church is to be all-inclusive. God loves the whole world. The Spirit and the Bride invite all to come…whoever is thirsty.

4. The whole world needs Jesus. Jesus said, “I will draw all people to myself.” Paul preached “Jesus”

5. We must share the good news of Salvation! We are saved by grace, through faith, at Baptism.

6. We win! How many of us are truly looking forward to heaven? Consciously?

Christians that have these 6 convictions will have their friends saying, “I want what you have! I want this Jesus!”

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