A Beautiful Mess

A lot of us have an idealistic view of the first century Church. We look at the New Testament, in particular the Book of Acts, and we see a church that shook the world. We think: “It would be wonderful to be part of that movement. Everything just seems to have gone so right.” But when we take a closer look, we see a different story begin to unfold. The New Testament church had some tough moments as well. What makes the New Testament scriptures unique is that the Holy Spirit inspired the New Testament writers to not spare us from the grimy details. God knows that we must learn to navigate rough waters as well as calm ones, and gives us examples of others who have passed this way before. What’s also interesting is that at times it seems God intentionally desires for us to struggle with the application of our faith to aid in our spiritual development.

When people get together, sooner or later the idealism will be blasted with a dose of reality. We struggle to communicate and understand one another. Because we are often innately selfish, messiness will often dictate the state of affairs, but it certainly doesn’t have to! This Sunday we peek in on a tense situation that developed in the early Church, and gain from their experience valuable insight to help us manage our own doctrinal debates, and personal differences.

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