A Lukewarm Church – Laodicea

Over the last several months and in two sections, we’ve examined what Jesus said to the seven churches of Revelation. Some of these churches have been quite solid and in good shape, but a deeper look into most of these churches reveals some serious problems. The downward slide that began with a loss of first love in Ephesus Church culminates this week in a Church in Laodicea.

Before we dig into these verses, we should remember that these letters to the churches can be viewed from a couple perspectives. We look at these verses practically – These are real letters to real churches with real problems. They portray the church at various stages of church history in various places. The Laodicean church pictures a state of a church that we certainly see in the world today.

Secondly we also see the verses personally – These letters speak to every Christian and to every church that reads them. They have lessons for us as individuals and they have a word for us as a congregation at Forest Park. Laodicea was lukewarm, they are not exactly dead because they are praying, preaching, singing, etc. But, they are not exactly on fire either. There is no excitement, no passion about who they serve, what they hear, or what they are doing. They are somewhere in the middle of the road. People enter the church, take their seat, fold their arms and say, “Bless me if you can!” How can you hear about Jesus; His love for your soul; His death for you and all that He has done for you and remain unmoved? How can you know Him and never be moved by that relationship?


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