A Man and a Cause

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  Before he died in 1955 at the age of 24, the American actor James Dean starred in his second film Rebel without a Cause, in which he played a moody, troubled son of a middle-class family. Long before James Dean was a rebel without a cause, there was a young Israelite standing on a Judean hillside with boldness and faith to step out when all the others were running back.  With only a few stones, a giant would fall, and he would become a hero and rebel with a cause.

  Here is one of the best-known figures in Jewish history. A life that was filled with rich happiness and intense pain. He is a leader known by many titles: a conqueror, a man following God’s heart, a sweet singer, a shepherd, and also an adulterer and murderer.  Yet one thing remains consistent in the life of David, and that was the cause that he lived his life for.  This week we will consider how the cause led a shepherd to become the most famous king in the world.

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