A Training Grace

Nick Saban, the well known and highly decorated college football coach for Alabama, sat in the interview room as he usually did after games, and answered targeted questions about the team, individual players, and their opponents. Per the usual, Saban would get hammered with questions that were hard to answer, and probably in his mind, better unasked. On this specific college football day, he was hit with a question about a second chance he had given to a player who had done something that many people thought was worthy of getting kicked off the team. Saban responded this way.

 “There’s always a lot of criticism out there. When somebody does something wrong everybody wants to know, ‘how you gonna punish the guy?’.  But there’s not enough for nineteen- and twenty-year-old kids, people out there saying ‘why don’t you give him another chance?’. Saban went on to silence the interview room with a story of grace that led to a former player being established into a respectful lifestyle filled with family, successful kids, and an established job. 

Thinking about our own lives, each of us much like that player has done something worthy of getting kicked off the team. God’s grace has given us a second chance when we didn’t deserve it. But is it possible that grace has done much more than just present another opportunity, a second chance, or a freeing verdict?  Today we’ll be in Titus 2:11-14.

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