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I love music. I’ve always loved music. But when I started playing a musical instrument in fourth grade, I had (and still do sometimes) a poor sense of rhythm. Each Friday, my mother would drop me off at Mrs. Mooberry’s house for piano lessons, and I still remember her asking me, week after week, “Are you counting this?” and “You didn’t count this week, did you?”

   Counting was something I reserved for math class, and I found counting the rhythm repeatedly while playing the piano very difficult. My mind doesn’t seem to want to do those two things simultaneously, and honestly, I didn’t see the point. I was well into my Jr high school years before I began to develop some sense of rhythm.

  So, how did I survive all those years of playing recital pieces and playing in a band? I used external cues. I would watch for my teacher’s tapping foot or listen for a specific note/chord, and then I would know it was time for me to come in.

  Over the past several weeks, we’ve been looking at “Vintage” Old Testament Bible stories. Each of the stories has one thing in common. Amid the struggles and opportunities that presented themselves, each character looks forward to something better, a day when God’s plan of salvation would enter the world.  Last week, we celebrated that plan. Jesus chose to be obedient to the Father, leaving behind all the glories of heaven so that he might become one of us, teach us how to live, how to respond to a broken world, and ultimately give up his life so that we might have forgiveness and freedom from our sins.

  What makes the gospel extraordinary isn’t just the forgiveness of sin. It’s the fact that God gives us His Spirit that, together with our spirit, allows us to write a new story.  Writing that new story is often very similar to internalizing a beat. At first, it all feels unnatural, and you end up mimicking others in order to “fit in,” but as God does His good work in your heart, what was once externally motivated becomes internally driven because your character and your heart are more and more aligned with the one who was born with a perfect moral rhythm, Jesus.

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