As It Is In Heaven…

Most of us are guilty of hearing far more than we do. We know what we ought to do but fail to execute on the knowledge we possess. As one man said, “We’re educated far beyond our own obedience.”Someone once compared listening without doing to auditing a class in college. As an auditor, you enroll in, pay the tuition and fees for, and attend classes. However, you do not take tests, turn in papers, or complete any assignments. In other words, you “listen” to the course but you don’t “do” anything with what you hear. There’s no accountability, and therefore, no credit for the course. James’ warnings us to avoid becoming a “spiritual auditor” where we hear what God’s Word says but we don’t act.

As we move into the final phase of our Exodus sermon series we come across and interesting section of scripture that seems to be unnecessarily redundant. Exodus 37-39 are almost verbatim Exodus 25-27, with one very notable exception, one section is instruction the other is an application, one is all about hearing the plan of God the other is about making it happen. This Sunday are going to discuss the powerful connection between hearing the word of God and doing it! If we miss either thing we will end up not fulfilling God’s plan for our lives.

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