We need equipment for almost anything we do in life. To repair a car engine, we need a particular set of tools. We need a different set to replace a broken screen door on the house. To play tennis, we need a certain kind of gear. To hike the mountains, we need another kind. And when we leave on vacation, we usually take all the equipment we think we’ll need while away. The same is true for our spiritual journey through life. We need to be properly outfitted and supplied. We need to take all the proper equipment with us to accomplish the purpose we have been given.

Paul reminds the Ephesian believers that there were leaders who were called to equip us for ministry. The word used here for “equip” is the same one used to describe the disciples’ mending of their nets when Jesus called them into service years before. For three years, Jesus “mended holes” in their “ministry nets” so they could be effective fishers of men.

If you don’t know how to start finding and participating in a ministry, watch for people who can show you how it’s done. Observe how they use the Bible, pray, and work with people. Soon, you will find that the Lord is using you more effectively in the lives of others. We all need to be equipped.

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