Fighting for our Families

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The movie Cinderella Man is based on the true story of a boxer named James J. Braddock. Braddock was a good boxer who lost his passion and purpose for fighting, so he quit the sport. When the Great Depression hit and his family slid into poverty, Braddock went back to boxing. He made a startling comeback, fighting with passion and focus while upsetting better, younger boxers. At one point a stunned reporter asks Braddock, “What are you fighting for?” Braddock replied, “Milk. I’m fighting for milk for my children.”

Sometimes in life we will have a disagreement with people we love and care about, often the outcome is determined by simply considering what it is that we are really fighting for. If we are fighting for the hearts and souls of our family members then we must keep on, however if we’re fighting while having forgotten our real mission and purpose we have been distracted by Satan!

Stan Mikita, a professional hockey star, used to get into a lot of fights during games. He stopped when his eight-year-old daughter asked a very grown-up question: “How can you score goals when you’re always in the penalty box, Daddy?

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