Follow the WAY.

Luke interrupts the intense story of Acts 19 with the following words “Also many of those who were now believers came,  confessing and divulging their practices. ”.–Acts 19:18

One of the traits of Christianity must be a life change. When Christ becomes a part of our story things will change, they MUST change. If they don’t, that is one of the clearest signals that something is very wrong.

When people become believers they abandon some of the practices that may mark their culture. But that’s a result, not the goal. For example, when people of the Udek tribe in Chali, Sudan, became Christians, they rejected the practice of burying a live baby with its mother if she died during childbirth. These new Christians didn’t set out to turn their culture upside down. But United Nations officials have publicly noted the significant difference between the Udek believers and their non-Christian neighbors.

The apostle Paul saw the gospel at work in the society of Ephesus. When sorcerers turned to Christ, they burned their occultic books valued at 50,000 days’ wages. And the silversmiths who made shrines of Diana were almost put out of business.

It’s not our responsibility to change our culture. Only the power of God through the gospel can do that! Our job is to help people know Christ, through the content of our life and the substance of our conversations. It is Christ that frees us from the penalty of our sin. He will change society as hearts are changed within its members.

The gospel produces a radical type of change that breaks the chains of sin, and sets individuals and whole cultures free.

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