Abraham Lincoln said in December 1839, “Many free countries have lost their liberty, and ours may lose hers, but if she shall, be at my proudest plume, not that I was the last to desert, but that I never deserted her.” Lincoln was loyal to his country, and his loyalty made him a great man. This Sunday, we want to examine a woman loyal to her Lord.

After the Lord Jesus cured Mary Magdalene of possession by seven demons, she became his faithful follower. There is no scriptural basis that she was the type of immoral woman that she is portrayed by some to be. She was a single woman of means who devoted her life and resources to serving Jesus and his group of disciples. Mary Magdalene is an excellent model of creative, productive singleness. She focused totally on Jesus Christ and served him faithfully in life, in death, and after his resurrection. Mary Magdalene was not the last to desert Jesus in His hour of crisis. She never deserted him at all, and from her life story, we can gain valuable insights.


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