As one of the most fascinating books of the Bible, Daniel contains some of the most colorful, dramatic, and suspenseful stories in all of the scripture. The overarching theme is the great conflict between God and Satan, and the ultimate choice of Gods people to either pursue faith or be absorbed into the dark culture around them.

These young men were taken into exile during the first siege of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar II, king of Babylon in 605 b.c. , along with others, for special training in the royal service of Babylon. Daniel rose to be a prominent and distinguished statesman and was used of God to prophecy about things to come.

The faith of these four Hebrew young men is a constant encouragement to God’s children in times of crisis and despair. The first six chapters of Daniel are deceptively simple stories of faith under pressure, but underneath the simple narratives lies profound truth. The last six chapters foretell the rich history of the world, and God’s people until the coming of the messiah that would be the hope of all mankind.

This week we will see the important role of hope when we’re living as exiles.

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