In the Beginning

I love the story of the young Indian brave in New Mexico who fell in love with a girl who lived on the other side of the reservation. This created a problem since the distance between them was significant. They revived the ancient tradition of sending smoke signals to communicate with each other. The brave would send smoke signals to his love, and she would reply in the same manner. After a while, their daily wooing in smoke caught the attention of the whole reservation. It became a pastime for people to sit outside to see what the two of them were saying. While this “renaissance” in communication occurred, the United States happened to test the first atomic bomb. An old Indian man sitting on the front porch with his wife looked up at the massive mushroom cloud and said, “Huh. I wish I would have said that.

  So often, the Old Testament is set aside as a discounted and obsolete writing that has no practical effect on our relationship with the Savior; however, that isn’t true.  The stories and teachings of the Old Testament lay the groundwork for the explosive event of the birth of the Church and God’s powerful proclamation of love for mankind through his son, Jesus.

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