In the Presence of God

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It sounds like a made-up story, but it is true. Some years ago a church in Carter County, Tennessee had an attorney draw up a deed for their property. He wrote the deed naming The Lord God Almighty as the owner. That was fine until some years later the church wanted to sell the property and relocate. They went back to the same lawyer. He said it would not be a problem. The court could issue them a new deed. But as part of the process of writing such deeds, it is necessary that it be determined that the previous owner could not be found. So the Sheriff was given the papers to sign. He swore that “The Lord God Almighty was not to be found in Carter County, Tennessee.” The newspapers picked that up and saw in it a story. The headline read “Lord God Almighty Not to Be Found in Carter County”.

For the Children of the Exodus the Almighty was always present, but somewhere along the way, they grew accustomed to and even complacent about his presence. From the beginning, God has desired to be among his people and for those of us who are a part of the New Covenant he is an every day every hour part of our walk. Yet like the Children of Israel, we can become complacent in his presence which can lead to habits and erode our relationship with our heavenly father, the Almighty God.

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