Lie #5 – We Can’t Trust the Bible

Over 100 years ago Oswald Chambers described how our post-Christian world was beginning to look at Christianity and the Bible. He said the following

We have made ambition and competition the very essence of civilized life. No wonder there is no room for Jesus Christ and no room for the Bible. We are all so scientifically orthodox nowadays, so materialistic and certain that rationalism is the basis of things, that we make the Bible out to be the most revolutionary, unorthodox and heretical of books.”

It’s that “rationalism” that we need to address. It seemed perfectly rational to Eve that the fruit of the tree was going to do good things for them because the serpent seemed to have inside information, and we infer that Adam rationalized that it wasn’t really that big of deal, after all, it looked just like all the other fruit which they had eaten and enjoyed. . They were both tragically wrong in they’re “rational assumptions” It’s fair for us to ask scoffers and seekers alike, “What makes you so sure of your beliefs? How did you come to that conclusion?”

Every human being exercises some sort of faith—that the chair will hold them when they sit down, that their spouse will honor their marriage vows, and that their worldview is correct. What’s critical to that faith is what those beliefs are actually sitting on. It can seem to be a perfectly good chair in which to rest but if it rests on thin ice when tested we will fall through.


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