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  Life is defined by a series of choices. You may have heard the analogy before that just like great oak trees grow from tiny acorns, the decisions we make turn around and make us. We are who we are today because of decisions and choices we made years ago. Most of the time, we don’t realize how critical small decisions can be. That’s especially true when we are young. Ironically, many of life’s most important decisions are made during our teenage years.  Simpler things like: What music will I listen to? What movies will I watch? Who will be my best friends? Or much deeper questions like, where will I go to college? What will I major in? What career will I choose? Should I get married? And if so, who will I marry, how will I meet my future mate, and when will it happen? Questions like will I drink? Will I take drugs? How far will I go? And that list goes on and on.  So much of life’s success or heartache depends on how we answer those questions.

  This week in our review of vintage stories of the Old Testament, we find the answer to many of these questions in a passage found in verse 8 of the book that bears his name: “But Daniel resolved …” The King James Version says, “But Daniel purposed in his heart.” Another translation says he “made up his mind.” Really, everything else in life flows from this one choice.

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