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 Forest Park takes seriously our responsibility to equip Christians to genuinely live out their faith, love as Christ loved, and serve with a great attitude! In this section of the website you will find resources to help you do just that. These materials are drawn from our weekly class sessions and sermon series, and cover a wide range of subjects critical to fulfilling the call of Christ. Sign up on the right to know when we add more.

Kingdoms – Following Jesus Series

I’m certain that we’ve all known a sports fanatic or two at some point in our lives. There is a huge difference between a fan and a fanatic. The fan follows and roots for a team. The fanatic centers their life on everything about the team. While the fan enjoys watching the games, the fanatic…

The Greatest Reveal

Take a second and think of the storyline of your favorite movie or book that has a twist at the end. The next time you see or read that story, everything is different knowing the catch ahead of time. Remember how you felt when the twist was revealed, and what it was like to go…

A Simple Gospel

Deep in the heart of the Virginia mountains stands an ancient gray stone church. In the quiet acre alongside, close to the wall of the church, as if craving in death the fellowship of God’s house which they enjoyed in life, sleep the pioneer forefathers who conquered that wilderness with a rifle, ax, and psalm…

Simplify Your Health

In my opinion the human body is one of the greatest marvels of creation. It has been designed by God so that it is a finely tuned instrument that happens to be one of the most resilient on earth. It can endure and repair fractures and injury, constant pain, and stretches of stress.  However, it…

Simplify Your Work

I couldn’t help but smile when as someone was heading out the door to work they’re final words were  “I owe, I owe, so off to work I go.” For a vast portion of the workforce, that’s the best reason they can muster for going to the job each day. According to one poll, only…