It’s one of those things, when it comes up for discussion, we’re all inclined to say something like “I know I know!!” because we do….. when surveyed however the vast majority of American Christians admit they struggle with this spiritual discipline. Even though we know scripture calls us to “pray continually”, many—if not most—of us would confess we don’t pray nearly as often as we should. I’m not writing this to pile on guilt but rather to ask the question why. Why do we struggle with this central element of our faith, why do we find it hard to utilize the gracious opportunity we’ve been given. Could the reason we don’t pray more be that we have misunderstood the reasons and purposes behind prayer? Or have we become so self-reliant that we forget we are actually God reliant? What are our motivations for prayer, and maybe most importantly were they Jesus’. Prayer shouldn’t become a duty to be performed, but rather as a privilege to be enjoyed. Do we enjoy the opportunity we have to lift our small concerns to the heart of the one who holds this whole universe together? Are we willing to reply to his invitation for a daily relationship or are we satisfied with only coming when we need something?


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