RE Series – Renew

Renewal is an essential part of staying alive. Take for instance our own human bodies which are replacing old cells with new ones. Our skin rapidly renews itself every two to three weeks, as our bone cells take their time renewing every ten years or so. There are some parts of our brains that regenerate and grow new cells, while other parts remain the same.

In Romans 12 Paul challenges us to take an active role in the renewal process particularly when it come to our thinking processes, His challenge is to allow God to transform us from the inside out, considering first how he would handle life and the decisions which lay before us.

Several years ago I found myself sitting by the side of the road, with the hazard lights blinking, waiting for help. It had been a busy week with unexpected travel. On Monday I checked the gas gauge, which was nearly full, and made a mental note that I should be good for the week Then life happened, additional miles were added to the weeks commute, and driving into town my truck started sputtering and losing power, a quick glace at the dash revealed what I already knew to be true, I was well below the little E indicating I had run out of fuel.

To be honest running out of gas is about one of the easiest things in the world to do. All you have to do is stop thinking about it. If you stop thinking about it, the only way never to run out of gas is to never go anywhere! But if you want to go places, and you fail to refuel, soon you will run out.

RE are two small letters with a big job. Sometimes, it means, “again.” as in refill, recharge. Sometimes RE means to push away or let go as in: restrain or restrict. Either way RE has work cut out for us.

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