Religious Revolutionaries

We need a spiritual revolution to produce a spiritual Revival.
We need to rebel against the demonic forces that exist to destroy all that is decent and good. We need to rebel against the religious organizations who claim they are on God’s side, but produce disunity, anger, and hate. We need to rebel against our selfishness and surrender to God. We need to become a part of God’s kingdom, and allow Him to be King of our hearts. “Jesus’ Kingdom is the only force powerful enough to unify people who disagree politically, economically, and socially.” America is in trouble…our government, our economy… American churches are in trouble. Attendance is down..pollsters predictions are gloomy to say the least. Many of our leadership meetings include discussions about what we should do to instill a revival among the people. I believe that what Paul preached about the Kingdom to the wicked city of Rome should be preached today. I believe that the same preaching that resulted in a revival in early American History should still be preached today.

Teddy Roosevelt once said, “I believe that the more you know about the past, the better you are prepared for the future.” When one considers the great movements of history that changed the world, there is a common thread in many of those paradigm shifts. That thread is a going back to the past to move forward.

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