Years ago in the Dominican I encountered the most overloaded vehicle I believe I’ve ever seen on the road. It was a small Mazda type of truck with what had to be well over a ton of scrap piled in the back on the roof, over the hood and stacked at least 10 feet high over it all. I don’t know if they made it to their destination however there are a few things I do know. For starters they certainly didn’t get good gas mileage, nor were they able to go very fast. They reminded me of a slow lumbering sloth on the highway filled with light motorbikes and cars zooming past unburdened. If we let it, life certainly has a way of piling on, stacking up, and weighing us down. The good news is that was have a choice, will we choose to unload all of that garbage or will we insist on carrying it all along with us. In this lesson we will take a look at the tools we’ve been given to start removing those things in our lives that are weighing us down, draining our energy, and fill those spaces in our lives with things that really matter to God and to us.

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