Scheme #3 Distractions

In 1997, a man by the name of Bobby Fischer, an American, entered into the world’s spotlight alongside Borris Spassky, a Russian, in what’s now known as the “Match of the Century”.  Anyone who has heard of this famous chess match that was held to decide the world chess champion, knows that this specific match held much more weight than just a title. Political tensions were high in the midst of a cold war, and the two countries flocked behind these two men as their individual representatives in a game of one upping the other country. Fischer however, wasn’t satisfied with the rules and accommodations given for the participants.  Too busy demanding more money, Fischer missed the opening ceremony for the event.  After being persuaded by those working under President Nixon to participate (And given the accommodations he demanded by a wealthy man who obviously knew the importance of the match), Fischer agreed to play, but the issues didn’t stop there.  After losing the first game of many, Fischer blamed the TV cameras, making his suspicion and intolerance known.  Shortly after, he forfeited the second match due to some of his accommodations not being met. This only led to much fighting before the match was finally resumed with Fischer’s first of 7 wins over 21 games of which 11 ended in a draw.

Fischer went on to win the world chess championship, breaking a 24 year winning streak for Russian born chess players, and marking an important point in the cold war with Russia as well as American history.
Although he won, Fischer nearly missed the chance to be involved in one of the most important moments of history, in a battle that America did not want to lose. While the world’s most publicized title match ever played at the time was forming, Fischer was worried about what he wanted, nearly overlooking the severity of the battle.  He was distracted and focused on the wrong things, and it nearly cost him the match.
The Bible tells us that our battle is not against flesh and blood, rather it’s against the spiritual forces in the heavenly realms.  A battle that will have enormous reproductions. One who’s opposing side should not be taken lightly, who’s schemes should not be overlooked.  Are we distracted?
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