Scheme #4 – Division.

Aesop has a fable of three bulls that fed in a field together in the greatest peace and safety. A lion had long watched them in the hope of making prey of them, but found little chance so long as they kept together. He therefore began secretly to spread evil and slanderous reports of one against another till he fomented jealousy and distrust among them. Soon they began to avoid each other and each took to feeding alone. This gave the lion the opportunity it had been wanting. He fell on them singly and made an easy prey of them all.

The Bible compares the Christian to solders in an army. We sing songs like “Onward Christian Soldiers” and read passages like, “Put on the whole armor of God.” Imagine for a moment that Christ is reviewing His troops. We are called to be prepared, fresh and ready for battle, but as he looks over the ranks He finds some displaying recent wounds, missing pieces of their armor, arms in slings, legs in casts, nursing oozing infections and debilitating injuries. He asks, “What’s the matter here? Why are they beat up, wounded, and demoralized already?” In response He’s told “Oh, they’ve been fighting in the barracks again.”

There is a way to overcome Satan’s scheme of division, in this sermon we’ll discuss why this is such a dangerous issue and the ways we can overcome this together!

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