Shattered Dreams

Certainly life is full of ups and downs. Just when you think life’s roller coaster is leveling off, you hear the rhythmic clank of the chain slowly jerking you upward. After the moment of exhilaration at the top comes the white-knuckle plummet to the bottom. We like having a sense of control in our own lives, but, often control is an illusion. One doctors report, a rebellious child, a car wreck, a pandemic, a misfiled report, or a downturn in the job market reveals how little control we actually have over things.

So many of the Bible stories remind us that where our control ends is where we discover the joy of the faithfulness of God. While life may seem like a roller coaster at times, God is faithfully bringing us to His desired end. As we develop a strong conviction in the goodness of God we learn to give up our illusion of control and simply trust our Heavenly Father. I do not mean that all of our troubles simply fade away. But, I do mean that when I have a strong confidence in God’s guidance and provision, I can relax and enjoy the ride more.

Are we holding on to the safety bar of life with clinched fists, terrorized by your own lack of control? Or will you let go and embrace the truth that God is using all the ups and downs of life to bring you to His desired end?

In this series, we are on a journey with Joseph from the pit of slavery to the pinnacle of power. Along the way we witness how to resist the allure of temptation, to trust God during dark days, to forgive others when they hurt you, and to leave a legacy of grace. You’ll come to see that in spite of life’s ups and downs, God uses all things to guide you and shape you into His perfect will.

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