The Church is Born

William F. Allen pulled off a miracle in 1883 that laid the groundwork for so much we take for grated today. What he did was to get an entire nation to pull in sync, to lay aside their old customs and become unified, and without this unity our world would not work as it does today!

Until high noon on October 18, 1883, every rail line ran on its own time. Every train station set its own clocks by the sun. So when it was noon in New York, it was 11:58 in Trenton and 11:56 in Camden, and so on. Pure chaos. Allen was chosen to sort out this mess, and after eight years he convinced the nation to adopt the time zones that we still use today. Nearly every area of life is affected by time throughout the world today, but it took a man and effort to pull it all together.

There was a time when this world found itself as confused as a world without time. Although we may take it for granted today the Church brought a positive change to the world that revolutionized human existence, not just in that ancient world but it’s influence still changes lives today.

This Sunday we will take a look at that revolutionary moment in time, and learn from that example the basic elements that should unify Churches even today.

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