The Family Is….

Years ago, I ran across a poem of sorts about the Church, although the author is unknown their sentiments certainly ring true.  They wrote this statement, “This is my church. It is composed of people just like me. It will be friendly if I am. It will do a great work if I work. It will make generous gifts to many causes if I am generous. It will bring others into its fellowship if I bring them. Its seats will be filled if I fill them. It will be a church of loyalty and love, of faith and service. If I who make it what it is, am filled with these, Therefore, with God’s help, I dedicate myself to the task of being all these things I want my church to be.”   We often look for others to be the Church we want it to be, in reality, Jesus has called us to be the Church, however, we are not alone he is by our side.

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