The Greatest Story Ever Told!

Grandma celebrated Christmas royally. A wonderful Christmas tree (with bubble lights that would heat up and send merry bubbles to the top of the glass candle-shaped colored columns) sat in the corner of the living room. Little miniature presents containing small gifts were tucked between the forks of the branches. Add to this tinsel, and multicolored strings of lights. Beneath the tree were packages of all shapes and sizes.

I loved Christmas at Grandma’s house. But it was not celebrated at our house. Many of our friends referred to Christmas as “Midwinter Gift Giving Season”

I finally got tired of the inconsistency. We bought our kids a tree and they squealed and giggled with delight while they decorated the tree, listening to the Oak Ridge Boys singing, “Jesus is born today…born in a manger”. They would jump up and down so much they would make my Scott turntable skip and I would fuss, “you’re scratching the record!”

This time of year is an emotional roller coaster for me. On Dec. 12, 2003, while watching Jeanette finish up the tree decorations; I got the call from Shawn at Ochsners that a heart had come in. I received a transplant the next morning.

A few days after transplant, I was diagnosed with a sternum infection and they removed it. I lay flat on my back for weeks. My sister Roberta sent a small tree with miniature lights about a foot tall. I was in ICU in a very sterile environment. Due to the fact that they were not sure I would make it, that tree was placed where I could see it’s cute little lights. It helped me hope that life could be normal.

I am so thankful and blessed. I cannot write about all that Jesus has done for me…. and Christmas time reminds me of that.

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